Contemporary Ladder Rung Stool - Dean Babin Furniture

A stout yet elegant stool with a whimsical extra set of stretchers aka ladder rungs. Doubles as a nightstand or plant stand.

Ladder Rung Stool


Short and stout


An extra set of ladder rungs adds Playfulness and durability to the stool.


All parts were turned on a lathe then assembled via traditional mortise and tenon joinery.


Pictured here with a Pebble Tray and a couple of pieces from Elisa Kim Ceramics.

Just The Facts:

  • Dimensions: 12" W x 18" H

    • Also available in 24" or 30" height

  • Stool can also serve as a nightstand or plant stand

  • Pictured in Grey Ash

    • Also available in White Oak, Maple, Black Walnut or Ebonized Ash

Ladder Rung Stool
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Photos by Allie Dorobis