Counter Stool

A contemporary counter / bar stool made by Dean Babin.  Brass wedges in the seat provide both a classic look and strength to the stool.

Counter Stool


Sleek & Sturdy

Constructed with traditional mortise and tenon joinery, this modern stool was built to last.


Brass wedges in the seat provide classic style and stability.


Each stool is locally sourced from hand-selected, top quality (FSA) lumber.


Contemporary Contour

The stool's minimal design pairs well with bar tops, cafes and kitchen counters.


  • Pictured Above: Black Walnut with brass wedges in seat

  • height options: 18”, 24” or 30”

  • Available in ash, cherry, maple, ebonized oak, white oak and black walnut

  • wedge types: brass, copper, aluminum and various hardwoods

  • Additional uses: night stand / plant stand

  • pricing: from $350 per stool

  • Lead time: 3-4 weeks


Photos by Mark juliana