Counter Stool

A contemporary counter / bar stool made by Dean Babin.  Brass wedges in the seat provide both a classic look and strength to the stool.

Counter Stool


Sleek & Sturdy

Constructed with traditional mortise and tenon joinery, this modern stool was built to last.


Brass wedges in the seat provide classic style and stability.


Each stool is sourced from A hand-selected board of top quality (FSA) lumber.


Contemporary Contour

The stool's minimal and timeless design is perfect for settings ranging from local cafes to kitchen counters.

Just The Facts:

  • Dimensions: 12" W x 24" H

    • Also available in 18" or 30" height

  • Stool can also serve as a nightstand

    • A third stretcher can be added for book storage

  • Materials: black walnut, brass (pictured)

    • Also available in white oak, maple, cherry or ebonized ash

Counter Stool
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Photos by Mark juliana